Honored as Éminences grises of Canadian performance art at the 2016 edition of the Toronto International Performance Art Festival (7a*11d), Hélène Doyon and Jean-Pierre Demers have formed Doyon/Demers since 1987. 

Without studio, without fixed discipline, or disciplinary concerns, their research mainly focuses on the relationship between art and everyday praxis, the immediacy of the work and the participatory context of cultural democracy, in regard of notions of connectedness/ disconnectedness, anthropological augmented reality and autopoietic production of meaning linked to the phenomenon of system/ environment distinction. Thus, Doyon/Demers realizes what is not from what is, by adopting an indisciplinary approach. Their work has been presented in North America, Cuba, Brazil, Japan, and several European countries. 

Following her years as a professor at Laval University, Doyon obtained her current position as professor at the École des arts visuels et médiatiques at UQÀM. Demers also taught at these two universities, and both completed a Ph. D. in Études et pratiques des arts at UQAM, a program currently headed by Hélène Doyon. 

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Regalo (Gift)_pdf
Doyon/Demers. (2008). Regalo (Cadeau). This text was published on the Chambre blanche blog:
Translation: Janet Logan.

Coefficient of Reality_pdf
Doyon/Demers. (2005). Coefficient of Reality in CHOINIÈRE, France & THÉRIAULT, Michèle (dir.) Performance and photography: Point & Shoot, Montréal : Dazibao, Collection les essais, p. 85-99 [translated by Donald McGratt].

Hunting Widows_pdf
Doyon/Demers. (2003).Veuves de chasse. ALICA, huit manœuvres en quête d'un territoire, 3e impérial, Granby, p. 66-75. Translation: Janet Logan.

Profession : Socioaesthetician_ pdf
Doyon/Demers. (2001). Profession socio-esthéticien in LOUBIER, Patrice & NINACS, Anne-Marie (dir.). Les commensaux. Quand l’art se fait circonstances, Montréal : SKOL, p. 142-159 (see original text with images) [translated by Donald McGratt, Profession socioasthetician, p. 218-222, no images].

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